Emily Beach audio montage - Emily Beach
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Euronics Refrigeration 1 (Global Radio) - Emily Beach
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Euronics Classic FM Global Radio - Emily Beach
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Cold Comfort Farm Narrative Extract - Emily Beach
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Emily has a very good ‘commercial, lively, soft sell voice’, great for a variety of work but especially light entertainment, children’s channels, animation and gaming. 

It’s upbeat, warm and resonant with a London accent and a natural tone. Easily directed with a very versatile voice!

She has worked with Global Radio on a campaign for Euronics, both for TV and Radio.​Emily plays Tom the little boy in Time Town, a stop-motion Lego series teaching children how to tell the time through Toms adventures and Laura in the podcast. series 'RESOLVED'. 

She also has experience in radio drama and audio narration. Emily is currently recording radio play BLEAK HOUSE by Charles Dickens. 

Emily Beach Time Town